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The advantages of choosing a complete wedding package

Julie & Max amazingly in love
Photo credit: Catherine Ross

In love and engaged, you are ready to plan the most memorable day of your life. Your best ideas deserve a place on your moodboard and you leave nothing to chance: the dress, the tailor-made suit, the flowers, the theme and accent colours, the reception room, the guest gifts, the desired atmosphere for the evening, the menu... Phew, it can be breathless. And we're not even talking about the unexpected!

They say your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. We think its planning deserves to be, too. No one wants to celebrate with their other half with an accumulation of fatigue and small (or big!) disappointments.

Jennifer & Angelo "in the house"
Photo credit: Pam Kay Love

For a worry-free wedding that meets your expectations, why not opt ​​for a complete package? This type of package is rare in the industry, but it exists at myriades & co. It allows you to lighten your to-do list and delegate the total preparation of your day to a team of experts whose objective is to respect and realize your unique vision. Flowers, atmosphere, coordination... We take care of everything, for a wedding that reflects your image.

Here are arguments that will convince you to choose this option.

Take advantage of varied and complementary expertise

A team of planners who offer several services demonstrate great versatility and strong expertise. So you know straight away that you are in the presence of professionals. Indeed, no one has any interest in selling a service for which they are not sufficiently qualified.

Phil le célébrant ready for a boheme ceremony
Photo credit: Crémeux Photo

Besides, did you know that Philippe worked in the event industry for several years before joining me full-time at myriades & co? Thanks to his great experience in the field, he has developed expertise that proves very useful during a wedding: entertainment, logistics of large-scale events, audiovisual techniques, etc. His skills complement mine, acquired in interior design, floristry and business management.

Putting all this together, we can offer an interesting range of services, from planning to set-up, including day-of coordination, styling and conceptualization, decoration, floral arrangement and animation. And even the DJ and officiant service! Who says better? ;)

Invite three essentials: uniformity, harmony and fluidity

Dalida & Kirill who fully enjoys
Photo credit: Hanna Tsoy

It’s no secret: the fewer people involved, the easier an event is to coordinate. Thus, choosing the same person for the styling, floral arrangement and set-up and dismantling of your wedding, for example, ensures that your vision is followed strictly, that the artistic direction of your day remains harmonious and that the progress is fluid.

Limiting the number of people also makes it easier to manage unforeseen circumstances and emergencies, both beforehand and on the day of. A decor not quite to your taste? Scheduling issues? Last minute guests? Inhale, exhale, you only have to make a call: your organizer will take care of everything easily. By the time you say “I want it”, it will be settled and a thing of the past!

Save your time, energy and money

Hanna Tsoy

To that, everyone says: Absolutely! Opting for an all-in-one solution saves you time, energy and money. No more searching until late to find all the suppliers you need to realize your vision. Not only is it precious time that you could be investing elsewhere – in the little pleasures of life and your other projects, life (unfortunately) never stops turning! – but it’s also energy-consuming. Especially if you're starting from scratch and don't know where to focus your research.

Additionally, a complete package is often much more beneficial than booking single services from several different suppliers: the price is considered as a whole rather than per unit, so there is room for more flexibility.

The details of  the decor for Isabelle & Jonathan's wedding
Photo credit: Catherine Ross

Could you save even more by taking on some tasks yourself? Of course, you could. Even in certain cases, it is recommended. But don't forget that the beauty of hiring someone who listens to you, understands your needs and has your best interests frees you from an enormous mental burden that cannot be refused!

Put trust first

An event as important as your wedding deserves to be experienced in love, joy, simplicity and harmony, from the engagement to the big day. A turnkey package from a qualified and professional planner is an option to consider to avoid maximum stress during your dream day. Because your wedding is exactly that: a dream worth to be realized.

Thank you Julie & Luc for trusting me!
Photo credit: Sam la Cam

But keep in mind that no matter who you choose to collaborate with, the main thing is to establish a solid relationship of trust, where communication is fluid and you feel at ease.

At myriades & co, our creative and multidisciplinary team is at your side to support you throughout the process, with the sole objective of respecting and realizing your unique vision.

Are you ready to bring your ideas to life? Book a Virtual coffee and tell us your story.

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