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Your event, myriads
of possibilities


Our team makes sure that your special occasion will be remembered by your guests. Questions about your next event?
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myriades & co

Your event, myriads of possibilities

Definition of myriad: Countless, indefinite quantity of people or things. It is a word of Greek origin which means in the decimal system ten to the power of four, or ten thousand (10,000). Myriads of ideas, projects, alternatives, resources... myriads of possibilities for all your events.

Our mission: Support our clients in the organization and design of personalized events. Our desire is to support our clients throughout the whole preparation.

Our vision: To be recognized as the Quebec leader in the field of services and event design while promoting our expertise and the quality of our services.

Our values

  • Loyalty

  • Excellence

  • Uniqueness

  • Respect

  • Sensitivity

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The word thank you is a little weak to express how much we love you and how well you executed our dream day. My bouquet was perfect! Thank you Mir :) 

2021-10-01 Mariage Caroline  - 2021-11-2

Caroline & Samuel

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