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Definition of myriad

Countless, indefinite quantity of people or things. It is a word of Greek origin which means, in the decimal system, ten to the power of four, or ten thousand (10,000). Myriads of ideas, projects, alternatives, resources... myriads of possibilities for all your events. 

The little story of myriades & co

Lover of well-designed decorations, colorful flowers, proud organizer of original thematic evenings and unparalleled planner, Miryam masters the art of hosting brilliantly. Following the organization of her own wedding, it clicked! This is how Miryam founded myriades & co.

Miryam and her team are builders of delightful and happy moods. They turn your event into memorable memories by beautifully arousing all of your senses.

From ideation to the realization of your universe, our creativity is at your service. Let the magic happen!

Your event, myriads of possibilities.

L’Équipe myriades - PC Olivia Photograph
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